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12 October 2018

Where custodial detention is unjustified: Mykhailo Honcharov succeeds in mitigating interim measures

10 October 2018

Criteria of validity of penalties imposed on television channels: Olena Drozdova analyses the ECHR case law

4 October 2018

Olena Drozdova analyses implications of introduction of register of paedophiles and chemical castration

3 October 2018

Mykhailo Honcharov reminds how consumers may defend their rights if complaint books are abolished

27 September 2018

Drivers to face new fines for parking violations

24 September 2018

Mykhailo Honcharov has prevented a violation of human rights through disallowing in absentia investigation

21 September 2018

Defending acquittals before Supreme Court: Mykhailo Honcharov has disclosed arguments most commonly used by prosecution officers in cassation proceedings

17 September 2018

Lawyers have told how to obtain compensation in the case of traffic an accident involving an EU-registered vehicle

14 September 2018

‘Alternative medicine ban violates the EU standards,’ Olena Drozdova says

13 September 2018

Mykhailo Honcharov has satisfied the court that there have been no grounds for limiting the period for a suspect to read case files

5 September 2018

Mykhailo Honcharov advises on what one should do if he or she has found Momo on his or her child’s smart phone

3 September 2018

Don`t Panic! USA suspend the issuance of green cards

31 August 2018

Olena Drozdova has told about aspects of seasonal employment in Europe

27 August 2018

Comments on detention report helped detainee get out of temporary detention facility

22 August 2018

Mykhailo Honcharov specifies five conditions to be met for obtaining compensation for sunk cars

21 August 2018

Drozdova & Partners Law Firm assisted dead person’s relatives to right a wrong before the ECHR

15 August 2018

Electronic notice of commencement of construction works: Olena Drozdova comments on strengths and weaknesses of new service

9 August 2018

Customs reform: from one-stop shop to outsource

27 July 2018

Health care reform: medical errors and health care institutions closed?

26 July 2018

Mykhailo Honcharov analyses advantages offered by private enforcement proceedings

20 July 2018

Drozdova & Partners Law Firm has assisted a Ukrainian citizen in obtaining permission to go for permanent residence to Poland

19 July 2018

Mykhailo Honcharov: If the accused lives at a fair distance from the court, this does not constitute a ground for her detention

13 July 2018

Demon ‘6688’: Olena Drozdova has assessed prospects of website blocking in Ukraine

12 July 2018

Drozdova & Partners Law Firm assisted foreigner with acquiring Ukrainian citizenship

6 July 2018

Olena Drozdova has told about what one should know about cancer treatment abroad

4 July 2018

Olena Drozdova gives outlook regarding likely legislative solution to problem of legalisation of used cars bearing EU plates

27 June 2018

Olena Drozdova has outlined major legal problems associated with the return of political prisoners to Ukraine

26 June 2018

Mykhailo Honcharov has proved the lack of grounds for detention of a person arrested for a particularly grave offence

25 June 2018

Olena Drozdova has commented on the notorious legislative amendment concerning the appeal procedure at the Anti-Corruption Court

14 June 2018

Would Ukrainian High Anti-Corruption Court become major nest of corruption instead of principal corruption-fighting institution?

13 June 2018

Olena Drozdova tells about how free medical treatment abroad can be initiated in Ukraine

11 June 2018

‘The visa-free travel regime is a serious challenge to us and requires proper attention and care from the state,’ Olena Drozdova says

7 June 2018

Olena Drozdova tells how to hire babysitter and receive compensation from Government

4 June 2018

Mykhailo Honcharov tells about what should be taken into account when executing residential lease agreement

31 May 2018

Olena Drozdova analyses what collective management organisations should expect with adoption of new act

29 May 2018

Immigration to the USA: procedures, types of visas and reasons for refusal

25 May 2018

Mykhailo Honcharov tells about three aspects of collecting evidence when defending doctors

21 May 2018

Olena Drozdova specifies weaknesses and controversies of Transplantation Act

18 May 2018

Drozdova & Partners Law Firm succeeds in prompt termination of enforcement proceedings and releasing property from attachment

16 May 2018

Olena Drozdova analyses conditions for and steps and risks of extradition from Ukraine

11 May 2018

Drozdova & Partners Law Firm has assisted a convicted person in his plea for lenient administrative supervision

8 May 2018

‘Drozdova & Partners’ conviction appeal succeeded

5 May 2018

Olena Drozdova has met American Colleagues in New York

3 May 2018

Mykhailo Honcharov has told UNIAN about how to deal with road hogs

24 April 2018

‘Car damage caused by pothole can be compensated,’ Olena Drozdova says

20 April 2018

Mykhailo Honcharov has told about what advocates should pay attention to when examining evidence in courts

17 April 2018

Drozdova & Partners Law Firm assisted foreign investor in regaining lost participatory interest
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