7 July 2020

Amnesty 2020 in Ukraine: who will be affected (categories of persons, application criteria)

In 2020 it is planned to announce an amnesty and extend its effect, especially on those categories of convicts who are the most vulnerable and socially susceptible.

At least this is the approach promised by the authors of the draft Law of Ukraine “On the grounds and range of persons to whom amnesty applies in 2020”, which was recently registered in the Verkhovna Rada with № 3765.

Thus, the document proposes in particular to amnesty:

– minors and women, as well as men with children under the age of 16 or children with disabilities;

– persons with disabilities of the first, second and third groups;

– patients with tuberculosis, cancer;

– persons who have reached retirement age;

– combatants.

The main criteria for the application of amnesty in case of adoption of the law in the wording of its draft will be:

– insignificant public danger of acts committed by a person serving a sentence;

– severe illness, old age and other factors that significantly reduce the danger of persons;

– a significant term of the sentence served by the convicts at the time of the amnesty.