Legal support for blockchain projects

Recently, there has been a marked change in the public attitude to cryptocurrency, ICOs and blockchain technologies. Businesses have understood that this is a new and very profitable industry involving higher risks due to the lack of its legal regulation.

The dynamic development of IT technologies has also affected ordinary citizens. The owners of cryptowallets marry and divorce, and therefore, online currencies may be included as part of property or invested in projects and start-ups.

Lawyers of Drozdova & Partners Law Firm know how to avoid losses and protect virtual property and are ready to provide legal support to both new and experienced investors.

Our services in the field of blockchain technologies include:

– analysing blockchain projects for their compliance with applicable laws, in particular tax and currency laws, as well as in the context of the fight against the legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime;

– providing support for Token Generation Events;

– choosing a jurisdiction to incorporate a TGE hosting company;

– removing indications of an investment contract from the project documentation;

– analysing the liquidity tools in use;

– drafting a token distribution agreement;

– providing assistance in opening of fiat bank accounts;

– developing and implementing loyalty programmes in the context of blockchain technologies.