Representation in the European Court of Human Rights

The Ukrainian Constitution guarantees that after exhausting all domestic legal remedies, everyone has the right to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights for protection of his or her rights and freedoms. The ECHR is the last hope for restoration of justice.

On the other hand, official statistics show that the ECHR rejects 9 out of 10 applications as inadmissible. This indicates the need for thorough preparations for application to the ECHR, which include not only the drafting and filing of a complaint, but also preliminary analysis of the existing case law relevant for your particular case and correct classification of the respective violation under the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

Lawyers of Drozdova & Partners Law Firm offer the following services associated with legal support in the course of consideration of complaints by the European Court of Human Rights:

  • identifying possible options and amounts of just satisfaction in order to draft a complaint to the ECHR;
  • drafting and filing the complaint;
  • maintaining correspondence with the European Court of Human Rights, including preparing explanations and objections;
  • defending the client during the examination of the case by the ECHR;
  • employing additional measures of protection within the domestic jurisdiction on the basis of the ECHR’s judgment.