30 May 2019

Conditions and steps necessary to obtain US K-1 visa

Drozdova & Partners Law Firm Director Ms Olena Drozdova prepared all necessary documents and provided legal advice during the process of obtaining the visa.

‘K-1 visas, which are also known as fiancée (fiancé) visas, are issued to foreigners to enter the United States only for the purposes of solemnizing a marriage with a US citizen,’ the attorney explains. ‘As in other cases, the US Government sets certain requirements that should be met to achieve the desirable outcome.’

To obtain a visa:

– the fiancée/fiancé must be a US citizen;

– the couple must prove that they have met in person at least once within the last two years (they must be in relationship during that period and have documents evidencing the same);

– the couple must be legally free to marry (the petitioner, if ever married, must provide proof that the marriage has been terminated);

– the couple must solemnize the marriage within 90 days after the fiancée/fiancé arrives in the United States; and

– the couple must satisfy the minimum income requirements.

The procedures to follow to obtain a visa can be found here.