16 May 2018

Olena Drozdova analyses conditions for and steps and risks of extradition from Ukraine

If someone carefully looks at the news feed for the last year or two, he will easily identify some dozens of news items on the extradition from Ukraine of persons suspected or accused of crimes by foreign law enforcement.

‘We can expect an increase in such cases over the next while given that the globalisation makes it much easier for individuals to move between the countries, including those seeking to avoid liability for commission of a crime,’ Drozdova & Partners Law Firm director Ms Olena Drozdova says firmly.

Therefore, according to the expert, it is overwhelmingly likely that advising on extradition matters will become a routine part of lawyers’ engagement in criminal proceedings.

Please read Ms Drozdova’s article entitled ‘Extradition from Ukraine. Conditions, Steps, and Risks ‘ and published on YURLIHA web-portal to learn more about legal regulation of extradition of persons from Ukraine to have such persons held criminally liable or serving their sentences.