M&A. Protection of corporate rights

Amid an unstable economic situation and never-ending legislative updates, security guarantees and protection of one’s own business are growing increasingly important.

Meanwhile, issues related to proper registration of corporate rights should be addressed from the very beginning (start of a business from ground zero, acquisition of a company or a share therein) to the end (liquidation or disposal).

That is why mergers and acquisitions, split-ups, spin-offs and restructurings are regarded as some of the most complicated processes. They involve ownership of a business and management of the rights thereto.

Experts of Drozdova & Partners Law Firm have extensive experience in providing legal support for investment projects, starting from the development of their concept to their practical implementation and to the protection of corporate rights, including in-court dispute resolution.

We can provide the following services:

  • carrying out registration, reorganization and liquidation of legal entities, setting up branches and representative offices;
  • developing optimal corporate governance schemes;
  • performing comprehensive due diligence of a company to mitigate potential risks associated with acquisition of business or securities, participation in a joint venture, etc.;
  • preparing, structuring and providing support for M&A transactions;
  • developing algorithms and optimal schemes for M&As;
  • protecting the rights of shareholders, providing legal support for transactions in securities;
  • resolving corporate conflicts, protecting companies against illegal takeover (raidership);
  • defending the rights of a debtor / creditor in matters related to restoration of the debtor’s solvency or bankruptcy.