17 April 2018

Drozdova & Partners Law Firm assisted foreign investor in regaining lost participatory interest

Drozdova & Partners Law Firm assisted an Italian national in reinstating his legitimate rights as a Ukrainian business founder, which rights were lost as a result of a raider attack.

The project team was supposed to prepare and file an action on behalf of the client and provide comprehensive representation of his interests before the court.

The businessman contacted Drozdova & Partners Law Firm for legal advice when he became aware that documents for reregistration of details of a Ukrainian business founders had been filed on his behalf. The documents bearing his forged signature actually denied him the right to manage the company and allowed third parties to run the same.

After consideration of claims, and relying on expert opinions, the Kyiv Commercial Court maintained the action in its entirety, and ruled that: the resolution of the founders meeting and the share purchase agreements must be held invalid.

‘Similar proceedings are especially important to us given that they deal with not only reinstating violated rights and legitimate rights of an individual, but also the business environment in our country,’ Drozdova & Partners Law Firm Managing Partner Elena Drozdova commented. ‘The creation of the much-desired business climate that public officials so many times refer to depends not only on (and, possibly, not so much) legislative amendments and economic reforms, but also on the enforcement of guaranteed rights in practice.’