23 November 2018

Criminal infractions: Olena Drozdova points out five aspects of the legal novelty that every Ukrainian should understand

Ukraine has introduced the concept of criminal infractions. This week, the Ukrainian Parliament made relevant amendments to the applicable Criminal Code, which are expected to facilitate the investigation of non-grave offences. 

The new law defines a criminal infraction as one of two types of criminal offences (the second type is a crime) leading to criminal liability. It is suggested that a criminal infraction include an action (any act or omission) that leads to a basic penalty in the form of a fine of up to UAH51,000 or any other penalty except for imprisonment.

To learn about what will be different for average Ukrainian citizens after the law comes into effect, please read the entire article written by Drozdova & Partners Law Firm director Olena Drozdova for Law & Business newspaper.