21 August 2019

Drozdova & Partners Law Firm has prepared full set of employment documents and internal regulations for IT business

Any successful business traditionally faces an overwhelming desire of the Ukrainian authorities to find any faults in how it works. There is therefore no surprise that IT businesses attract a special attention from controlling authorities as the information technology sector develops exponentially.

Properly executed employment documents and internal regulations can help to reduce risks associated with the government’s impacts on your business.

Experts of Drozdova & Partners Law Firm have prepared a set of such documents for an IT-business, including:

– employment contracts;

– job descriptions;

– Internal work regulations;

– Commercial secret regulations;

– Occupational safety regulations; and

– other local regulations.

‘To be safe, the owner should make sure that internal documents meet the specifics of the company’s business,’ the Law Firm’s Director Ms Olena Drozdova says firmly. ‘When a problem arises, the one-size-fits-all approach may fail. ‘That is why an IT-business should have a type of employment contracts that contain provisions on the distribution of intellectual property rights and the protection of the employer’s confidential information. Appropriately prepared job descriptions, which determine the obligations of employees, will allow the employer to control the performance of work instructed by them.’