27 November 2018

Drozdova & Partners Law Firm succeeds in terminating criminal proceedings and getting bail money back

Despite huge opposition by the prosecution party, Drozdova & Partners Law Firm managed to obtain an order terminating criminal proceedings initiated against a Ukrainian citizen in respect of all the charges brought and returning the bail money deposited.

The criminal proceedings were instituted in accordance with Article 368(3) (An official accepting an offer or a promise of, or receiving undue benefits), Article 366-1 (Misdeclaration), and Article 368-2(2) (Unjust Enrichment) of the Ukrainian Criminal Code.

Advocates Oleksandr Drozdov and Taras Hereliuk were responsible for the working out of the defence position and further litigation of the case that lasted for more than one year.

‘Eventually, we made the most of the situation —the investigation officers who attempted to limit the discovery period never managed to serve the criminal indictment on the client. The pre-trial investigation was terminated in respect of all suspicions, and the bail money elected as the interim measures was returned. The client is 100% happy,’ Oleksandr Drozdov comments on the outcome of the proceedings.

Taras Hereliuk brings attention to the opposition by the prosecution party the advocates had to deal with during the provision of legal aid to the client. ‘When defending the interests of our client, we faced pressure and the suspect intimidation by, and complaints against our actions from, the prosecution party,’ he explains. ‘Having analysed the validity of such ‘activity,’ we initiated criminal proceedings against the prosecution and investigation officers for a number of offences they committed as part of the pre-trial investigation. Disciplinary proceedings were also brought against one of the investigative judges before the High Judicial Council.’

We remind that Drozdova & Partners Law Firm provides professional legal aid  both in pre-trial investigations and litigations.