4 February 2020

How to give birth in the US after the entry ban for pregnant

The ban on the issuance of tourist visas to pregnant women who are about to give birth in the United States has come into force in the US. Therefore, the pregnant women will simply be denied tourist visas and entry the country.

“What this means and what are the exceptions,” director of the “Drozdova and Partners” Law Firm Olena Drozdovaexplained to Zakon і Biznes, the newspaper.

She recalled that going to the United States for childbirth was legal and common practice. The women received more qualified, in their opinion, assistance at birth, and the infant immediately became a US citizen.

Theoretically, the ban does not apply to pregnant women if they are going to a country for a different purpose – for example, to visit sick relatives or for business meetings. However, consular staff will now be able to ask questionsduring the interview about pregnancy and plans to give birth. Nevertheless, neither at the interview nor at the border, anyone will be able to require a woman to take a pregnancy test. The most common question in the questionnaire will be the choice of health care or treatment as the purpose of visit.

“In order to make their plans real, it will now be necessary to prove the need for qualified medical help from American specialists,” O. Drozdova noticed. – And those who really need it will be treated the same as other foreigners who come to the United States for treatment. Of course, it will also be necessary to show the availability of funds to pay for medical bills, including transportation costs and living expenses”.