13 February 2019

Olena Drozdova gives five easy tips to follow during questioning

Questioning is an investigative measure the prosecution especially rely on to collect information that could be key to establish facts and to prove the guilt of a person they suspect (or, sometimes, want) to be involved in an offence.

‘Being questioned is therefore a bitter experience for any person regardless of his or her standing (whether he or she is a victim or a witness or a suspect) and raises natural concerns and emotional stress,’ holds Drozdova & Partners Law Firm Director Olena Drozdova. However, Ms Drozdova is convinced that it is possible to mitigate a tense conversation with some easy-to-follow tips.

She presented the tips in her article for Law & Business newspaper, the full version of which is available here.

But one should understand that questioning is an important investigative measure full of professional aspects. Accordingly, it would be helpful to ask an advocate you can trust to assist at the questioning. First, the advocate will verify the validity and legality of actions of the law enforcement and ensure that your rights are respected and, second, the mere presence of the advocate will definitely make the questioning officer act with caution.