4 July 2018

Olena Drozdova gives outlook regarding likely legislative solution to problem of legalisation of used cars bearing EU plates

Texts about used cars bearing EU plates come as no surprise. However, there is a number of issues that remain open. How to determine the precise quantity of vehicles bearing foreign plates in Ukraine? How existing conflicts could be addressed? Will recently proposed bills prove to be effective?

Opinion.biz asked Drozdova & Partners Law Firm Director Ms Olena Drozdova to tell whether used cars bearing EU plates are as bad as we are told.

When analysing the enrolled bills that provide for reduction in the excise tax on cars, the lifting of ban on the customs clearance of cars that do not meet the Euro-5 standard, and the strengthening of control measures, the expert has explained that one should not even try to authorise free imports of used cars bearing EU plates into Ukraine because it would make official dealers in foreign-made cars fail.

‘To authorise free legalisation of already imported used cars bearing EU plates is neither possible because, should it happen, it will be the greatest mistake of the current government. Allowing for free registration of such cars, we will actually terminate the business of official dealers in foreign-made cars in Ukraine who will lose their customers. Also, it will have an adverse impact on domestically manufactured cars which market is already declining due to unreasonably high prices and questionable quality,’ the expert expects.

To learn more about the existing problems, please follow this link.