6 July 2018

Olena Drozdova has told about what one should know about cancer treatment abroad

Oncologists in certain countries, unlike their Ukrainian colleagues, are of the opinion that there are no ‘desperate’ oncology patients. Accordingly, patients having malignant tumours are looking for medical treatment in countries where science and cancer treatment practices are well ahead of the national health care sector. In certain cases, a government may even provide some financial aid.

The Regulation on patients’ referral to treatment abroad (as approved by Cabinet’s Resolution No. 1079 of 27 December 2017) specifies that referred to treatment abroad can be only those patients who cannot be provided with necessary medical aid in Ukrainian health care institutions. The Regulation also specifies that this fact must be evidenced by an opinion of the medical board of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health.

An issue of a patient’s referral for treatment abroad is raised by relevant (regional, central, district or city) health care institution before a territorial office of the Ministry of Health.

To learn about what documents are required to be filed with the medical board of the Ministry of Health, and how patients are given treatment abroad, and what types of medical aid, which are not available in Ukraine, can be provided, please read the entire article authored by Drozdova & Partners Law Firm Director Ms Olena Drozdova for Law & Business newspaper.