28 February 2020

Olena Drozdova took part in the international conference

Attorneys from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and Germany discussed the place and role of advocacy in the law enforcement system.

Olena Drozdova, director of Drozdova & Partners Law Firm, took part in the event, which took place in Minsk on February 27, 2020.

“It has already become a good tradition for attorneys to gather in the capital of Belarus to discuss the key issues of the defense institution’s activity, as well as to share plans for the development of a Bar,” Olena Drozdova said. – “The participants of the previous two meetings were mainly lawyers from the former Soviet Union. Similar legal systems have similar disadvantages, and communication with colleagues gives invaluable experience in overcoming them. ”

The highlight of the last meeting was the participation of the representatives from the German Bar Association, which has more than a century of establishment experience and is recognized at the law level as an independent judiciary. After the discussion with the colleagues, O. Drozdova shared the most interesting moments of the organization of the Institution:

– There are 160,000 attorneys representing the Federal Bar in Germany.

– They work both independently and in the offices.

– They specialize only in certain branches of law and do not take the cases of those specialties in which they are incompetent.

– The services market is very dynamic. More successful attorneys move to major international companies. Later, they have the opportunity to become a judge or a prosecutor.

– Every attorney has an insurance and if the attorney makes a mistake, then the client receives compensation.

– There are 27 regional chambers. There is a bar with 42 members in the Federal Court.

– The attorney’s self-government means independence from the state in Germany. It is financed by the attorneys’ fees (about 360 euros per year).

– There is a monopoly on legal services. Even out-of-court legal advice is provided only by attorneys.

– Attorneys can receive a pension, but they contribute about 1,200 euros to the pension fund every month.