23 June 2020

Private detective activity: Verkhovna Rada decided on a model

Private detective services, rights and responsibilities of legal entities, as well as the features of state control in this area will be determined by the Law “On Private Detective Activity” on the basis of the draft № 3010.

The relevant decision was made during the last sitting by the Steering Committee of the Verkhovna Rada on Law Enforcement. It recommended the parliament to take this draft as a basis. The alternative one №3010-1 – to reject.

The draft №3010 consists of 22 articles which establish:

– types of detective services and subjects of their provision;

– qualification requirements for private detectives;

– basic rights and responsibilities of the subjects;

– guarantees of private detectives’ clients protection;

– organization of control over private detective activity.

The authors of the initiative believe that the services of private detectives will help to resolve personal and property disputes, including in the courts.