15 May 2019

Road Accident Mediation to Save Your Time and Efforts

A post-accident dispute between a driver and a person affected has been promptly resolved by mediation with assistance from Drozdova & Partners Law Firm without any legal action taken.

The law firm’s director Ms Olena Drozdova mediated the post-accident dispute between a foreign driver and a cyclist.

In this case, the affected person suffered minor injuries (abrasions and bruises), but the bicycle was beyond repair. Lengthy negotiations resulted in an agreement on the amount of compensation satisfactory to both parties.

‘Any accident is always complicated by stresses experienced by the parties, who are unable to take the situation adequately and make weighed decisions. Their conduct is often emotionally driven, affecting both of them,’ Ms Drozdova comments on the case. Accordingly, seeking professional legal aid from a mediator in similar cases will not only help to avoid a possible penalty for a traffic violation (it is generally recommended that a dispute should be resolved amicably), but also to achieve significant savings in time, which may sometimes cost much higher than insurance indemnity guaranteed to the owner of the vehicle under a third party liability insurance policy.

Mediation is a process of dispute resolution with the involvement of a mediator who helps the parties to attempt to achieve a mutually beneficial settlement of the dispute. In fact, the mediator does not make any decisions. The mediator’s professional recommendations and conclusions are of advisory nature and help the parties to achieve an agreement and to find a mutual solution.