IP protection

Trademarks, software applications, databases, commercial designations and trade names, works, phonograms, inventions – all these and other intellectual properties often become the targets of illegal acts and, therefore, need to be protected.

The Ukrainian legal system provides certain IP protection tools (license agreements, copyrights, trademarks, patents). Drozdova & Partners Law Firm can help you apply them in the most advantageous manner.

It is important to remember that IP protection should be beforehand supported by documentary evidence of the respective rights. That is why our lawyers offer the following services:

  • drafting a new (or analysing the existing) license agreement or trademark assignment agreement (depending on the terms of the agreement, the property, etc.);
  • drafting and executing application-related documents for international registration of a trademark under the Madrid Agreement and the Protocol;
  • obtaining a trademark certificate;
  • challenging decisions to deny legal protection in respect of all or any ICGS classes;
  • maintaining correspondence with Ukrainian Intellectual Property Institute (Ukrpatent), drafting and submitting documents, monitoring compliance with applicable laws during consideration of the application;
  • drafting an application for registration of a trademark in Ukraine and filing it with Ukrpatent;
  • drafting the proposed description of any degree of complexity;
  • checking the list of goods and services covered by the application for their compliance and conformity with ICGS classes;
  • filing an application for expert examination;
  • performing comparative analysis of signs detected as a result of a search among similar goods and services;
  • performing information retrieval of similar and identical signs from Ukrainian databases and delivering the respective report;
  • drafting the list of goods and services for an application for registration of a trademark in Ukraine in accordance with the ICGS (depending on the scope of goods or services within a class);
  • identifying classes of goods and services in accordance with the ICGS.

Drozdova & Partners Law Firm will make sure that your intellectual property is safely protected and your rights are fully exercised.