19 November 2019

Drozdova & Partners Law Firm helps client address fiancée visa restriction

K-1 visas, which are also known as fiancée (or fiancé) visas, are issued to foreigners to enter the United States only for the purposes of solemnizing a marriage with a US citizen. Although it is relatively easy to obtain such a visa, its validity term is unpleasantly short (two years).

Drozdova & Partners Law Firm has helped a Ukrainian citizen, who married a US citizen and moved to the United States, address this restriction. The law firm’s director Ms Olena Drozdova prepared necessary documents.

‘It appears that people in the United States understand well the meaning of our proverb saying ‘men can promise a lot, so what?’ That is why first green cards are issued to fiancées (fiancés) only for a two-year term,’ Ms Drozdova explains. ‘No K-1 visa guarantees US citizenship, as any marriage solemnized under it can perfectly be a fraud.’

To obtain a permanent resident card, an applicant should therefore file a relevant application and other documents evidencing that a real family has been started. ‘If they don’t, then their marriage may be declared invalid with all the consequences that come with it, including the loss of their job and status, and subsequent deportation,’ the advocate points out.