13 March 2019

Drozdova & Partners assist multinational family in reaching out-of-court resolution of conflict

The getting out of relations, the dividing of marital property, and deciding on the custody of children is always a sorrow subject. The problem becomes increasingly complex if it relates to different languages and the ‘far abroad.’ In this case, a judicial dispute is a strongly discouraged scenario.

Drozdova & Partners Law Firm has assisted a multinational family in crisis (where the husband is a US national, and the wife — a citizen of Ukraine, who went back to her home country) in reaching an amicable settlement regarding the distribution of parenthood-related rights and obligations without recourse to the courts of different countries. Olena Drozdova has acted as the mediator.

Lengthy negotiations resulted in a written agreement on conditions acceptable to both parties to the conflict.

‘Various national law systems, traditions and cultures are involved in international family conflicts,’ Ms Drozdova has pointed out. A perfect language, both oral and written, is a must, as any mistake in such a sensitive matter could lead to the termination of the mediation and complicate the problem.’

Please note that the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and other international treaties, regional documents and charts encourage parents to hold negotiations with the participation of a mediator. International family mediation may also be of help in solving other forms of family conflicts, such as intergenerational conflicts (maintaining family connections after the children grew up) or disputes over inheritance between parties residing in different countries.