19 March 2019

ETIAS, visa-free regime, and unjust enrichment: Olena Drozdova explains what actually changes in the rules of travel to the EU

After the provisions of article 368-2 (unjust enrichment) of the Ukrainian Criminal Code have been held unconstitutional, rumours began to circulate in Ukraine that the visa-free regime could be cancelled.

Transparency International commented the decision of the Constitutional Court, too. The organisation pointed out that not only the visa-free regime but also the IMF’s financial aid for Ukraine became at risk of failure. With the revocation of one of the most important anti-corruption articles of the Criminal Code (according to the media, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine instituted more than 100 criminal proceedings for offences provided by that article) Ukraine has significantly fallen in the EU’s estimation.

‘Politicians, political and other experts discussed in eager rivalry possible losses and, after the reminder of the State Migration Service of Ukraine, the media again focused on a new system of registration of individuals at the time of their entry into the Schengen area,’ Drozdova & Partners Law Firm Director Ms Olena Drozdova points out in her article authored for the Law & Business newspaper. ‘In the heat of action between a treason and a victory, the ‘experts’ took the visa-free regime for the requirements of the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS).

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