4 October 2018

Olena Drozdova analyses implications of introduction of register of paedophiles and chemical castration

The recent rape of a child in the Odesa region has greatly upset the public and renewed interest in ideas set out in bill 6607 suggesting to introduce a register of paedophiles, voluntary castration and higher criminal penalty.

In her interview to Opinion newspaper that was looking into the legislative initiative submitted by a group of the parliament members, Drozdova & Partners Law Firm Director Olena Drozdova tells about whether it is worth to introduce the register, to increase the liability, and to give green light to the medical treatment.

According to the expert, the bill suggesting amendments to certain Ukrainian laws to introduce the Uniform Register of Persons Convicted for Sexual Offences against Minors and to increase liability for sexual offences against minors serves a higher purpose – to reduce the incidence of sexual violence against children. However, a closer look at the bill reveals many hidden dangers.

Even a brief analysis of the bill suggests that the document needs a through elaboration with the involvement of anti-corruption experts, human rights defenders, sociologists, information technology experts and specialists working with convicts. ‘Any act, especially that one relating to the restriction of human rights and freedoms, cannot be based on ambitious impulses and the copying of Western legislative traditions,’ Ms Drozdova says firmly. ‘Any novelty should be subject to a thorough, comprehensive analysis and be adjusted to the Ukrainian specifics, mind-set and public needs.’

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